Radiation testing is stated as mandatory for qualifying devices for space missions. However, only few laboratories around the world are available for this purpose. RADLAB® is able to achieve not only the standard test conditions demanded by the industry, but also meets special demands from customers requiring stringent test conditions, and monitoring-control needs. RADLAB® has one of the most versatile gamma radiation equipment for research on the market today, the model Gammabeam ® X200 manufactured by Best Theratronics, its dosimetry system is made through a large number of Farmer ionization chambers (0.6 cm3) in order to monitor the dose rate in different measurement points. This system allow remote monitoring of both dose rate and accumulated dose.

RADLAB® is fully available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows performing electrical measurements at any irradiation steps required by the customer.

Total Ionising Dose Gamma Radiation Testing
  • Preparation of radiation test procedures and plans.
  • The Uniformity of each irradiation area is guaranteed through measurements of the relative dose rate in profiles.
  • Low and high dose rate (from 0 to >30 Krad(si)/h).
  • Static and dynamic biasing.
  • Panoramic, cell and pool Co60 radiation sources.
  • Coverage of all potential annealing and accelerated aging conditions.
  • Large available area for multiple simultaneous testing.
  • The low-energy scattered radiation in the vault has been also studied, both by Monte Carlo simulations and experimental air kerma rate deviations from nominal values.
RADLAB Our New Cobalt-60 Radiation Facility Offering
  • A fully flexible source.
  • Unlimited availability.
  • Extensive electrical parameter measurement capability.
  • Full in-house control.
  • Established to serve your needs for radiation testing from a brand new perspective.
  • RADLAB® is recognized Centre of Excellence for ESA and DLA (USA) for radiation testing.
  • Approved service provider to O.E.M.’s and Space Agencies worldwide.
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited.
  • Laboratory Suitability Status VQE-15-028801, Control Number 044647.
RADLAB Testing Capabilities

RADLAB® has accumulated extensive experience in developing test software to electrically and environmentally characterize any discrete or integrated circuit, with specialised capabilities available, like small leakage current measurement (fA), measurement and testing of magnetic devices, high power passive and discrete devices testing, dielectric withstanding voltage up to 12kV, characterisation on LCR devices up to 3 GHz, characterisation of multiport devices up to 50 GHz and power characterization of high frequency devices. TERADYNE's UltraFLEX tester provides the widest range of coverage with Gigahertz speed and precision measurement for components like high speed and precision converters A/D and D/A up to 24 bits, 1024 I/O digital devices up to 1 Gb/s, mixed signal ASIC measurement, high precision oscillators with low phase noise measurement.