With a highly trained team of testing engineers, Alter Technology is able to offer a wide variety of microwave lab services. From the smallest passive part to the most complex integrated component, we achieve a high level of services and outstanding testing reliability.

Main Testing Activities and Processes
  • Characterization of RF/MW multiport devices.
  • On-wafer characterization of devices.
  • Non-linear characterization of RF/MW devices.
  • Power characterization of RF/MW devices.
  • Temperature characterization of RF/MW devices.
  • Screening and Life testing of RF/MW devices.
  • Characterization on LCR devices.
  • Dynamic impedance matching using RF tuners.
Test Services - Engineering Expertise
  • Non-destructive test fixture design and manufacturing for RF/MW devices.
  • Design and manufacturing of RF boards with precise impedance adjusting.
  • Design and manufacturing of impedance matching circuit.
  • Design of RF/MW filters.
  • Design and manufacturing of customized calibration kits for high frequency devices.
  • Verification of dimensions and material roughness analysis of RF/MW boards and waveguide devices.

The microwave laboratory provides all the services required to meet the most stringent quality requirements of high reliability markets, thanks to the:

  • Know-how of our microwave experts.
  • Test and measurement equipment.
  • Environmental testing facilities.
  • Packaging and assembly capability.
  • Space heritage of the company.