ALTER Authenticity Test Lab provides a complete process of the technical management of the supply chain, from the supplier selection and monitoring all the way, through to the inspections and testing techniques aimed to prevent and detect counterfeit electronic parts entering the manufacturing line. Components are comprehensively inspected in the Authenticity Tests, with visual inspection, radiographic X-ray inspection, C-SAM and electrical measurements and non-standard testing services available to verify your COMPONENT AUTHENTICATION.

ALTER’s Authenticity Test Lab is in progress of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and provides full in-house component testing capabilities.


Authenticity Testing are performed by various inspections and testing techniques aimed to prevent counterfeit electronic components. The activity of counterfeiting is not a static process. Indeed, as new methods are defined to detect counterfeit parts, new methods are introduced by counterfeiter to disguise their parts.

  • Comparison with known authentic samples
  • Manufacturer / supplier documentation and Packaging review
  • External visual inspection
  • Radiographic Inspection
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • Electrical measurements
  • Solvent Test for Remarking / Resurfacing
  • Internal visual inspection

Others capabilities for Authenticity:

  • AS5553
  • AS6081
  • IDEA-STD-1010B
  • AS6174
  • AS6496
  • AS6171
Counterfeit Components Detection
  • In microelectronics, counterfeit is referred to a fraudulent part that has been confirmed to be a copy, imitation, or substitute that has been represented, identified, or marked as genuine, and/or altered by a source without legal right with intent to mislead, deceive, or defraud. At the end of the day, it might cause a problem with electrical functionality of the assembly in which the parts is integrated.

  • About that 9% of electronic components are counterfeit.

  • 22% of counterfeit parts are sold by manufacturers or authorized distributors.

The broadly recognized capabilities and excellence of Alter Technology Labs in the field of Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical parts for procurement and testing with decades of experience supporting quality assurance on high reliability applications (military, aerospace, medical, automotive...), together with the knowledge about counterfeit techniques, make our company your ideal partner for counterfeit parts detection and authenticity studies.

Counterfeit detection example

Most of the time they look like the same components but internally their structure is very different.